Leather Care Guide

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This leather care guide is an overview of the two part process.

Caring for your leather at regular intervals throughout the year will maintain its condition. It will help prevent cracking and wear damage.

Not only will your leather look better, it will last longer.


Preperation and cleaning prior to protecting your leather is vital. You can read the cleaning guide here.


Protecting your leather by applying the specialist leather protection cream. You can read the leather protection guide here.

Summary / Notes

Very Important - Please don't do use this on nubuck or suede as these types of leather require a different process.

If your leather furniture is 2 / 3 years or older and or has never been treated please contact us for advice, information or a quote. Furniture of this condition can be tricky to clean and protect.

This post is a free, information publication. It is meant purely as a guide or advice. The Leather & Timber Doctor Ltd take no responsibility for any losses or damages, inconsequential or otherwise in the application of this information.

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a step-by-step guide to leather cleaning and protection.

a step-by-step guide to leather protection.

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